About Tech Informant

About Tech Informant

About Tech Informant – The Tree of Knowledge a unique website that shares information and the knowledge to our readers.

About Tech Informant runs with a team of technical experts, who have the passion  for writing the articles to share the knowledge and information to our readers. These articles help our readers learn concepts on the latest technologies.  Our authors work on the technologies in real time, and posts accurate solutions. This makes us unique since  there is a practical approach for every problem solving.

Through this website, we form a community and welcomes our users to share their ideas,  discuss the issues and finds solutions to the issues they face in their workplace.   To say more about Tech Informant, It is a web place provides equal opportunity for readers to learn as well as bloggers to transform themselves as content writers.

We post articles on technologies include Linux distributions, Cloud Computing, Virtualization, Scripting, Databases and Network  Security.

Tech Informant focuses on delivering rich content, knowledge that helps users to learn technologies and become a master in their subject domain.

With this blog, we come up with clear, accurate and correct information that helps our readers in gaining knowledge. Besides that, the users can also comment, discuss and share their  ideas on topics we posts every day.


The Story

Ashok Kalakoti, the founder of  Tech Informant website is  a blogger, transformed himself as an author. He shares his knowledge and experiences through article writing. because it seems the majority of the sites lacks clarity, as a result, the user does not get the content he needs. Hence Tech Informant comes with solutions and articles, that meets the needs of our users.

With each passing day, Tech Informant – The Tree of Knowledge gains more followers, unique visitors , even more success.